Sunday, January 29, 2012

day 29

Better. Yesterday was a HELL DAY, sick as a dog all day looking after both kids in sweltering heat while in-house architect/renovator was under the house re-doing wiring for wall mounting television. First world problems. Thank God mum and dad pitched in to help with the wrangling of kids, the feeding of wires and knocking on floors trying to find said renovator. Today I'm trying out new crockery from my secret store. LOVE the new coffee bowl almost as much as the Mountain Muesli, which I am awarding 3.75 Neil Diamonds. I do believe we have a legitimate fall-back front-runner for the weeks we can't afford the award winning yet budget busting Brookfarm. How excellent, my accountant* will be pleased.
MENU: Aldi Goldenvale Mountain Muesli, organic blueberry yoghurt, dried cranberries, coffee.
*when I say accountant of course I mean the in-house architect/renovator, whose idea of a luxury breakfast is a bowl of Nutrigrain.

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