Tuesday, January 24, 2012

day 24

Better late than never. A rare treat, a sleeping baby, an episode of the trip and fresh farm eggs. I saved the last episode of The Trip to watch alone, in the quiet, at my leisure. I often do this, I don't particularly like sharing my favorite 'entertainment' things with others unless they are as maniacally in love with them as I am. Other televisual and filmy things I just like saving. like the last episode of Buffy, which I still haven't watched (sorry Pen I still have the DVDs) and random movies (just as Ramona the list is LOOOOONG) . I don't quite know why I do this but there you have it, another idiosyncratic behavioural twitch outed.
MENU: organic cornbread, scrambled eggs, 'outback tomato' chutney, avocado, orange juice.


  1. I watched the last ep of The Trip upstairs in bed on the laptop. How sad was the ending???? poor Steve. nearly shed a tear, actually, all alone in his horrible shiny apartment...

  2. Granola: I made Nigella's granola after eating Pen's chaff in record time. Mine was a bit clumpy because I overcooked it a bit but it was YUM.


  3. oh that is excellent news, i'll be having a crack at it because like you I ate that chaff like a hungry clysdale after a day of heavy plough pulling. I'm glad you too enjoyed the finale alone in comfort - but yes that long lonely dining table with the hipster pink chairs was completely devastating.