Thursday, January 26, 2012

day 26

bonza, you beaut. Its the highly contentious Australia Day today, which I actually like to call Invasion Day for reasons too obvious to mention. I could go on about the lack of real self reflection and overindulgence of lamb, rhetoric and racism masquerading as national price that has become this day of back slapping but many others have done it much more eloquently than I so I won't. I will however take the goodwill and public holiday and get on with our own now traditional Clarke street BBQ with grace, good humor and an open door policy. There will be lots of un-Australian things like tofu and freekeh alongside the obligatory lamb, so I just need to power up with some coffee and muesli this morning. There will also no doubt also be at least one PAVLOVA which makes everyone happy, even a cantankerous old bird like me.
MENU: Aldi's toasted mountain muesli, fresh white nectarines, bio dynamic honey yoghurt, coffee.

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