Monday, January 23, 2012

day 23

Muesli as metaphor: Watched that new 'highly anticipated comedy' New Girl with Zooey Deschanel last night. I like her and her sister and Bones is definitely a guilty pleasure at ours. But seriously people this was awkwardly un-good. And maybe i'm a cranky old feminist but something was a bit off and I don't just mean the timing. Sure, all the ingredients were there, and it ostensibly was what it said it would be on the packet. But do I want to watch it again. ah no. Just like this muesli. Today is round two and while it improved somewhat with the addition of dried cranberries, IT STILL tastes like a cross between horse feed and cardboard packaging. So it will be straight into the biscuit making barrel for you my inappropriately named friend. And no more New Girl.
MENU: REAL GOOD FOOD muesli, poached white nectarines, dried cranberries, honey yoghurt, soy milk


  1. go back to the Brookfarm
    you might need to mortgage your firstborn but at least it's yum

  2. oh yes back to the Brookfarm I go. That and trying to make my own bloody granola... it can't be that hard - hippies do it!