Thursday, February 9, 2012

day 40

French connection breakfast. So bored with the tiredness of teething, as bored as you are all with reading about it, but at least I know it passes quickly, so we'll all be able to move back to things more interesting like what I watched on the teev while eating soon enough.Yesterday at Finn's check-up the mother-craft nurse said today that ideally there should be no first children only second, because everything is so much easier second time around. I completely concur, but I digress. Back to breakfast - I really wanted something hot and savoury this morning because it was cold (so cold we actually put the heater on to warm up the house, crazy)  but there was only one egg and rubbish packet bread left over from my other half's BLT weekend specials. So what was I to do but turn to french toast. Thankfully we still had a solitary banana doing time in the fruit basket, so I was able to go with the walnut, banana and maple version of french toast which is my new favourite. Without getting all masterchef and talking about the nuts really adding another layer of texture, the nuts really do add another layer of texture to what otherwise can be a bit of a one note dish. especially when you get them coated in a little crunchy burnt brown sugar. Totally satisfying, and almost covered the fact that bread wasn't real.
MENU: cinnamon french toast with fried banana, walnuts and maple syrup, coffee

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