Thursday, February 2, 2012

day 33

Once, twice, three times at breakfast. Things started badly, sick baby, no sleep, big meeting in morning. I could barely open my eyes and stuff something in my mouth before leaving home. Very dissatisfied with my appalling attempt at breaking my fast so decided to try again at breakfast to see if I could manage to fill the enormous void left after the night sitting up in bed comforting snotty son.
MENU: banana, rooibos tea

So over to my favorite creperie for the mushroom crepe and coffee. Good but no cigar, still felt like death and barely coherent. What to do? Why not give it another crack - third times a charm as they say.
MENU: spinach, field mushroom and tallegio crepe, coffee.

So on to breakfast number three at meeting number two at mixed business in Clifton Hill on the way home - and at last we have a winner.  Two more coffees and a coddled egg and I'm finally starting to string a sentence together. Praying to the gods of sleep tonight or people are going to start thinking I'm "Winning".
MENU: coddled egg with silverbeet, Dench sourdough grain bread and something else sprinkled on top which I've forgotten, coffee.

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