Saturday, February 4, 2012

day 35

Badly Behaved Breakfast. So the result of a lack of sleep turns out to be a lack of respect for the other people I co-habit with. Ouch and apologies to all. Mummy promises to do better tomorrow. The only thing (apart from a mid morning nap) I could think of to right the situation was to go back to basics and the bagel. And you know what, it has perked me up no end. Lucky I bought a six pack.
MENU: Glicks poppy-seed bagel, avocado, Murray pink salt, cherries, coffee.


  1. Husband is a Glicks regular - he is also a big fan of the challah bread and loves it for weekend breakfasts.

  2. Oh that challah bread is goooooood, clearly a man with excellent taste -you and glicks